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Wedding Cars With Maserati Chauffeur Drive

We are the only company to offer exclusively Maserati cars for hire in the UK and most likely Europe.

Every couple dreams of a perfect Wedding Day and that perfect day demands the perfect cars. When it comes to planning your wedding we have the ideal cars to compliment your special day. These cars personify your concept of how you wish your big day to be ...

All our chauffeurs are members of the British Chauffeurs Guild.

      Customer recommendations

“ The service was first class as well as a very special car which was a fabulous surprise for my husband,, the care and attention to detail was brilliant  “

    - Will & Susan Knight, Edinburgh

- Will & Susan Knight, Edinburgh  

“The Maserati car looked extremely sleek, sporty and made a stunning impact. The car was well admired by all on the day and looked fantastic in the photographs. “

     - Scott & Lynne Cowan, Glasgow